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Service Providers Login

How to use Barkily Web App

Login/Sign Up

Sign Up: Please click here to signup as a Service Provider. Enter your name, email, password, password confirmation and contact phone number. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click on submit when done.

Login: Please click here to login into web app. Enter your email and password and click submit to login.


Once you've logged in, you'll be able to view your dashboard consisting of scheduled appointments, number of customers, number of pets, all the notifications, notification icon, logout icons and a menu with options like:

  • Appointments
  • Customers
  • Pets
  • My Account
  • Broadcast Message
  • Daily Schedule
  • Certificate
  • Support

Daily Schedule

Go to Daily Schedule to manage the schedule. Get started by entering the necessary details for the working day and hours.Click Apply to save the schedule to the list.

Manage Customers

Go to Customers to view existing customers, add new customer, import customer list or export customer list.

  • Add new customer

    Opens a new page with a form to fill in the new customer details.

  • Import customer

    Opens a pop-up to send a request message to contact the admin and get the customer list.

  • Export customer

    Downloads customer data as a spreadsheet.

Manage Pets

Go to Pets to view the existing dogs. Sort dogs by selecting the owner from the dropdown list or by entering the name of the dog in the search box on the top right corner shown in the image.Click on the pet to view details, including 'veterinary details' and 'other details'. Add pet, import pet list or export pet list.

  • Add pet

    Opens a new page with a form to fill in the pet details.

  • Import pet

    Opens a pop-up to send a request message to contact the admin and get the pet list.

  • Export pet

    Downloads pet data as a spreadsheet.


Go to Appointments to view the list of all the appointments. Get quick access to the appointments sorted by month, day or year by using the calendar on the right-hand side as seen in the image. Accept, Reject or get Details of the appointments. You can also add an appointment in the calendar by entering all the necessary details such as name of the customer, dog, date and time. Include a note if any. Click Request when done.


To view certificates, go to Certificates. Click on the dog to view and verify the certificate details. Click Confirm Certificate when done.


Click on the Bell icon on the top right corner of the dashboard to view notifications and notification status. View, Approve, Reject the notifications related to appointments, certificates and so on and so forth.

Account Information

Go to My Account to view account details. Click on Edit Profile to edit the details as required. Click Save Profile to save the changes.

Broadcast Message

To broadcast messages to the dog parent go to Broadcast Message > Select User and select a few or all the dog parents from the dropdown list. Go to What is your Message to write and send a message in real-time to the selected dog parents. Click Send Message when done.


Go to Support > Select Issue to submit a ticket. Select from the dropdown list of issues and choose from the options:

  • Select Issue
  • Report Bug
  • Feedback
  • Other

Specify your reason(s) if any, in the section below. Click Submit to send the request.