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Dog Parent Mobile App

Completely Free. No Monthly Fees, No Minimums, No Management Cost. Helping you help your favorite four legged friends. Why Barkily? Because dogs are family.

Manage Your Dogs

All your Dogs’ information in one place. Access and share it whenever, wherever and with whomever you want.

Vet Information Management

Keep your Dogs’ vaccinations, lab test, Dental cleanup, prescription information organized – Set reminders, know which vaccine is due when.


Add your own vendors or search new ones, book and change appointments on the run. Finding new vendors, getting a groomer or boarding appointment has never been this easier.


Book your appointments easily with your favorite vendors. Change appointment, connect with vendors to ask questions.

Find Breed

Don’t know your dog’s breed? Do you want to find the perfect breed that match your lifestyle? Our intelligent tool will help you find the breeds based on the inputs you insert.

Vaccination Certificates & More

No more losing vaccination reports, trying to hunt for faxes and emails from your Vet office to get your dog accepted to a groomer or boarding facility. Vet verified vaccination reports, all the important information from microchip tag, last vaccination dates to insurance information in one place.

SmartDog Tag

Register your dog with our free smart tags. One tag, one ID for your dog. Keep all the information about your dog from medical history to how they get groomed in one place. No more entering your dog information over and over again.