Dog Parenting 101: What You Need To Know as a New Dog Parent [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you decide to bring a dog home, you automatically sign up for new responsibilities. However, being a responsible dog parent doesn’t come easy. It takes a lot more than feeding your furry buddy on time or cleaning up their mess.

A pet pooch is akin to a “baby that never grows up” and completely alters your existing lifestyle. This means, as a pet parent, your schedule will be more or less centered around your pooch. Depending on the breed, you need to spend a significant amount of time and money to make sure that your pooch lives a healthy life. A healthy diet, training, timely visits to the vet, grooming and plenty of exercise etc. are a must for taking proper care of your loyal companion.

All these can be confusing and unnerving for first-time dog parents. This infographic comes in handy for dog lovers who are going to take the next big step and become dog parents for the first time. It covers everything from the selection of the dog’s breed to annual expenses. Take a look at it to know more.

Dog Parenting Tips

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Madona is the writer at Barkily.
  • I’m impressed with all the information on this infographic. I’m going to share it, and embed it on my blog. Thanks so much!

  • joann stancer

    A lot of great information on this infographic. I really like the part of the unspayed dog and offspring could produce 508 puppies, that really puts it in perspective that more people have to be responsible to help curve the over pet population problem. I will share this infographic on my blog as well.

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