How The Power of Touch Can Make Your Dogs Healthier

Pet therapy is becoming a trend these days, especially in curing mental health disorders. While animal-assisted activities are considered beneficial to humans, it has also been proven that the power of touch prolongs your dog’s life, helps them grow healthier, and teaches them how to become friendlier.

The reason why pet dogs love to be touched by their owners is because they feel wanted, protected, and loved. Considered as man’s best friend, dogs will always yearn for people to notice them. The attention and affection that our pets need can always be expressed by how often we spend time with them and how frequent we touch and hold them.

We all know that the reason why dogs are one of the most common animals chosen as pets is because they can easily connect with how human beings interact. Dogs are easy to please, and sometimes, all they want is a little time in your busy schedule to make them feel healthier.

Sure, you do not want a pet that often falls sick. But here’s the thing in owning a pet: the health and wellness of your pet also depends on how often you make time for touch therapy.

How The Human Touch Produces Healthier Dogs

Here are some facts you should know how the human touch makes dogs healthier:

Touching them makes them feel welcome

dog touch care

It is common for pet owners to say that the reason why they got themselves a pet dog is because dogs generally light up the family’s mood. However, the family should also remember that the power of touch affects dogs because they feel that they are part of the family. If your pet feels welcome, this automatically boosts the resistance of your dog.

Remember that your dog is part of your family now, and the more time and affection you give them, the more they will feel your connection with them. It is highly advisable that all family members be encouraged to spend time with your pets. The routine will make your pet dog happier and healthier.

However, there are ways of petting that dogs generally dislike, and this could stress them out. Kids like patting pet dogs, and this should not be encouraged as a way of touching your pets. If you really want to lessen the stress of your dog, make sure that you touch them slowly and lightly as this way of touching triggers relaxation.

Your pet dog needs massages, too

dog touch massage

Massages have been proven to relieve the stress of people, but apparently, dogs need massages to ease their tired bones and muscles as well. Just like humans, dogs also have nervous tensions in their bodies, and when these tensions are not resolved, your dogs may easily get sick.

Massages are a way of transmitting energy to your dog. This therapy works both for the pet and its owner. Giving your dog massages can also be a good stress reliever as your focus your attention to your pet. In turn, your dog will feel your love even if you have a busy life.

After a day of playing and running around, a good massage can really be helpful to your health as it provides relaxation and can be very therapeutic for you pet.

Giving your dog a massage comes with many health benefits as it generally strengthens the immune system, improves the circulation of blood, regulates and improves the flow of lymphatic fluids, increases the body’s recovery from skin and fur diseases and helps in digestion.

The next time you ask yourself if your pet dog needs a message, do not hesitate in giving your dog one. You can also look for animal spas that can do this for you.

Hugging your dog sends them your happy energy

dog touch hug embrace

While hugging a dog might not be advisable for everyone, some pet owners find it as an effective way of connecting with their dogs. Hugging a person feels good especially when you are having a bad day as it feels like positive energy is being shared to the person who is having a bad day. Hugging your pet dog works in the same principle.

Giving hugs to your dog should be part of the time spent for playing with them because the act gives your dog a sense of security and makes them feel that they are protected. Your hugs make your pet dog happy; and the happier they are, the healthier they become.

Petting your pet dog becomes part of his/her day

dog touch petting

Once your dog gets to experience regular petting from you, it will become part of the routine. The desire for affection from you can easily be detected based on the signs that your pet dog gives you.

When you get home after day’s work, for example, the dog will come closer to you to sniff — this is a way for your pet to gather information. Once he stays draws itself closer to you, that is the best time to touch your pet’s body. This enables your dog to communicate with you, and this becomes a good opportunity to relieve each other from a stressful day.

Final Word

As a pet dog owner, remember that your touch can do wonders to your pet’s health. Once you decide to get yourself a pet, make sure that you will commit some time to touch therapy, as this a good factor in your relationship with your dog. This also strengthens your dog’s resistance to illnesses as it generally relieves stress and helps your pet to recover whenever they fall sick.

Remember that your dog’s good health also depends on the level of happiness that it gets from the environment where it lives. Make sure that the environment you give to your pet is a friendly one where the members of the family will make an effort to bond by touching and petting the pet. Also take a closer look on how your dog reacts when you touch and pet him or her, as this will give you hints on his favorite spots.

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